Laser Life – “Dazed and Focused” 7″

I promised myself when I got back into vinyl a few years back that I wouldn’t turn into a “collector”. “I’ve got self control,” I said. “It’ll be fine,” I said. No way I’d revert back to old behaviors, right? As if somehow saying these things would change the fact that over the course of my life I’ve always been collecting something, whether it was books or baseball cards or Seattle hockey memorabilia or records or militaria or excuses or what have you. Fortunately I’ve always been pretty organized in how I’ve gone about it, and generally haven’t found myself collecting more than one thing at a time, which is good for both my sanity and my bank account.

I should have know better. Let’s be honest, though. I DID know better. Denial is the first sign that you have a problem.

So of course I HAD to have the limited edition Laser Life 7″, only 10 copies etched on plastic if you must know, all the way from Iceland. Because I couldn’t just listen to the song, “Dazed and Focused,” online for free and enjoy it. No. I had to have the record. That I will probably only play once. And not even on my good turntable, since the record is on plastic and not wax and I don’t want to put the wear on my stylus. Because I’m brain damaged like that.

I played “Dazed and Focused” on my Crosley last night, before, of course, listening to it a few more times on YouTube. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a cool-as-hell electro track, very methodical in style and almost chip-tuney on the synths, like Mario is chasing down some gold coins and maybe a green mushroom. But I still couldn’t resist the plastic 7″ in the plain white sleeve with the hand written label… though the orange spray paint on the reverse is pretty cool.

Jump, Mario, jump!