AmabAdamA – “Ai Ai Ai / Riddim”

I’m not entirely sure why there’s so much reggae being played in Iceland, other than that the people are chill and you can grow weed indoors (and yes, it exists). But when I heard AmabAdamA had a new limited edition (of 50) 7″ coming out, I immediately shot off an email to my friends at Lucky and they put aside a copy for me. We saw the band play a set at Lucky a few years ago, and if I had one takeaway from that show, it’s that AmabAdamA look like they have a lot of fun performing together.

“Ai ai ai / Riddim” is a good-time little 7″ – I believe one side has vocals, and the other is the instrumental. The style is more dancehall than traditional reggae or dub, and it’s a pretty sweet little jam.

If you like yourself some reggae, man, check them out.