Futuregrapher – “Hrafnagil”

Futuregrapher’s electronic is, to my ears, challenging. Challenging in that it doesn’t easily fit into any clear-cut style that I understand. It’s not EDM. It’s not ambient. Yet it has some qualities found in each. He includes the BPMs in the titles of each of the eight tracks on his newest release, Hrafnagil, but I’m not sure why because they don’t vary much (low of 116, high of 129), and this isn’t exactly music designed to fill the dance floor. What it does feel designed for, however, is filling my glass full of whiskey, dropping in the hugest ice cube I can possibly make, and sinking into the sofa with a massive sigh while I rest the glass on my stomach, gently keeping it from spilling all over my shorts by the application of the minimal amount of finger pressure.

Which is exactly what I need tonight.

This cassette came to me in my recent package from Reykjavik’s Lucky Records, and it was one of the items I specifically requested. Holly is a big fan of Futuregrapher, and I enjoy his stuff as well, because it’s music that forces me to pay attention to it. His compositions don’t follow the standard (or even the standard non-standard) formats, nor do they wander off as aimlessly as those of Beatmakin Troopa, instead falling into a sweet spot that provides your synapses with musical patterns that, then reconfiguring them in bizarre and unexpected ways that don’t allow you to just drop off into a daze. I’d call it the thinking man’s electronica, but that would sound trite and pretentious (more on my part as a lazy writer than on the part of the musician).

It’s hard to pick favorites on an album like Hrafnagil, but if forced to choose I’d go with “Móatún (129 bpm),” a moderately uptempo but still chill number that really grooves. You can sample the whole thing, as well as buy downloads and/or physical media HERE, and if you’re into both Eno and 808 State I think you’re going to find something to grab onto here. But be careful, because Futuregrapher might just slip through your fingers…