Madonna – “Like A Virgin”

A few weeks back I wrote about finally breaking down and buying a Madonna studio album, 1986s True Blue. While that was a good first step, what I really wanted were her first two records, Madonna and Like a Virgin. I’ve had numerous copies of each in my hand over the last year, but never pulled the trigger because the copy in hand was always either “too expensive” or “too crappy”. In other words I was unconsciously holding out for inexpensive, high quality copies. Sort of a vinyl unicorn.

Well, I found a unicorn over at Denver’s Wax Trax records in the form a very inexpensive, awesome condition copy of Like a Virgin.

What am I going to tell you about this album that you don’t already know? I mean, seriously. It was mega-huge in its day and is one of the top selling albums in history (20+ million copies worldwide). Hell, even the cover photo is iconic. Most of it has held up tremendously well, especially “Material Girl” and “Dress You Up.” Surprisingly it’s the title track that seems the most dated, sort of the transition from her uber-poppy hits like those of her first album to the more mature pop stylings of her sophomore release. It still sounds pretty great, if you ask me.

Now I just need to track down that nearly flawless, cheap copy of Madonna

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