Sayonara – “Sayonara” 10″

Looks like I got to the Sayonara party just a bit late. My copy of their December 2015 10″ release Sayonara just arrived in the mail, and in doing a little research on the band I learned that they announced their own demise on Facebook on April 20. Sayonara, Sayonara. I hardly knew ye. Which is too bad, because they played some solid punk rock.

Sayonara is six tracks that to my ears are sort of like a hardcore version of Big Black, just not quite as jarring. This was a limited edition release of 300 copies on white vinyl by Seattle’s Fainting Room Collective. I actually found out about this through a Facebook ad (yes, those do sometimes reach the right demographics) in which the label posted about their Triple Six 7 Inch Set, and I saw this record while I was falling all over myself trying to buy those singles. Which just goes to prove that the most dangerous confluence of events for your bank account is (1) an internet connection, (2) a credit card, and (3) Jack Daniels. At least it wasn’t like the night I ordered some tapes and woke up to realize I bought an EP from some label in Estonia too.

While the band is no more, you can still hear a few of their tracks on Bandcamp HERE, and I’d encourage you to do so, because if you like what you hear there you might want to track down one of these records before they’re all gone.

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