The KLF – “Kylie Said to Jason (The Remixes)”

The KLF claimed to have discovered the secret formula for how to write hit songs, even going so far as to publish a booklet entitled The Manual (How to Have a Number One the Easy Way). And given their track record in producing hit singles in the UK, you have to think that they knew what they were talking about.

I try to pick up their stuff whenever I come across it in the used bins, which is how I come to find myself listening to the 1989 house 12″ Kylie Said to Jason (The Remixes) today. And you know, like the other songs I’ve heard by The KLF, this is some solid EDM. Perhaps not quite as good as “What Time Is Love” or “Justified & Ancient,” but certainly nothing that would prompt you to click the “skip” button.

The B side material is more intriguing. “Kylie In a Trance” is a trip to bizarro world, like an EDM Butthole Surfers song or something, followed by a more danceable remix by The Moody Boys called “Kylie Said Harder.” Both tracks are much weirder and interesting than the original, at least to my ears, taking the formulaic sound of the original and making it sound like an acid trip.

Another impressive effort from The KLF.