African Head Charge – “Super Mystic Brakes”

A few months back I mentally committed myself to buying anything and everything that I come across on the On-U label, because producer/musician Adrian Sherwood is a mad genius and does some fantastic dub work. So when I saw this RSD 2016 10″ release of African Head Charge’s Super Mystic Brakes (limited edition of 2,000), the decision had already been made to buy it.

African Head Charge’s plays a tribal style of music. While there’s undoubtedly a heavy reggae influence, there’s also some jazz in those drums and funk in that bass guitar, and when you let Sherwood add his own dub flourishes the whole thing is just plain groovy man. While the A side “Beri Version” is a well balanced affair, on the flip we’re given a much more percussion heavy “Realigned Dub” followed by a more traditionally reggae style dub track with “The Race (Part 2).”

Super Mystic Brakes re-affirms my commitment to the On-U label – everything on it is simply excellent.