“Lady Boy Records 013″ Compilation

The gang over at Reykjavik’s Lady Boy Records are at it again, dropping another sweet limited edition comp tape into the music pool last month. Their direction seems to be moving even more electronic and more experimental over time, which very much appeals to me – sometimes I feel like the tracks that interest them are moving in a similar direction to my own musical tastes.

This little gem opens with Deborah Arenas’ “LINKSYS,” a fitting starting point with blend of sort of recognizable EDM but presented with some challenging speed and time changes that make it difficult to firmly grasp. That’s followed by the chill acid-ish “The Bike Accident” by ThizOne, which in turn gives way to the chip tune-y “Mindfuck” by Laser Life. My point here being that you can’t easily categorize LB013 into any type of electronic genre, and that’s one of the things that I love about the Lady Boy releases in general – you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get.

Frankly it’s hard to pick favorites here. Every time I listen to this on my iPod (your cassette purchase includes a digital download, and once they’re sold out you can still purchase digitally) I discover something killer that somehow I feel like I overlooked on previous listenings. I’ll even go so far as to say that there isn’t a single track on this thing that I’ll skip, which is truly saying something for a comp. That being said I feel a certain obligation to point out a handful of tracks that I particularly like, so if you just have time to check out a few songs on LB013, here are my recommendations:

  • ThizOne – “The Bike Accident,” a cool acid groover
  • Luke Eargoggle + Wirtschalftwelt – “You Calculate” has some nice beats and modulated vocals
  • Harry Knuckles – “Erbalife” has some great vocal samples and sounds like some kind of electro-post-punk played on a warped tape; I love the effect
  • Russian Girls – “I Need Sleep,” a new mellow track from the Fufanu side-project
  • Dulvitund – “Ljósfælni,” something new and much more chill from one of my very favorite new-to-me bands of 2015

You can listen to the entire tape for free on the Lady Boy website HERE, so give give ‘em a listen.

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