Ben Vedren & Pit Spector – “Prospector 3.1”

This was another of my random acquisitions from Paris’ Techno Imports last month. And I won’t lie, I was drawn to the jacket. So sue me.

From what I gather Prospector is a label that Pit Spector is using right now to put out various collaboration projects he’s doing with other DJs. Prospector 3.1, which features Ben Vedren,  appears to be the third release, following others done along with Ark and San Proper. Musically it’s some enjoyable mid-tempo house, featuring some organ flourishes here and there (“Trek”) and some whack sampled vocalizations (“Rave 3000”). To my ears “Trek” is the more straight forward dance track, while “Rave 3000” mixes up the tempo a bit and gets a little weird (in a good way) at times, almost wandering off into the dub-zone a bit.

There are only two songs on Prospector 3.1, but you’re still getting about 17 minutes of music since both are quite long. The record comes with a pretty cool poster insert as well, so make sure to look for that if you’re buying an unsealed copy. Snipits of both songs are available on Soundcloud HERE if you want to check it out before you buy.

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