Onsen – “Kanaya Base”

This is another of the cassettes I recently purchased from Iceland’s Lady Boy Records, a continuation of their uber-limited-edition cassettes (limited to 50 individually numbered copies per release). This one is unusual not only due to the packaging (it comes in a re-sealable plastic pouch), but also because the artist is an American – Onsen is one of the projects of musician Trevor Welch.

Kanaya Base teeters on the edge of ambience, though it’s a balancing act that finds Welch never quite committing to ambient and instead keeping the tempo just fast enough to escape its gravity. His music is certainly chill, and with more than a little jazz-funk thrown in here and there for good measure, particularly on “Hank – Dolphin Oil Pt. 2,” and even a bit of slowed down Daft Punk on “Gold Chain.”

I like Onsen’s overall chill vibe on Kanaya Base. It’s a relaxing listen on a rainy Seattle morning.


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