Lime Spiders – “Volatile”

I feel like there’s some type of a logic problem here, like the ones we used to do in school.

Lime Spiders are from Australia. Australia knows how to rock.♦♠♥ Ergo, Lime Spiders know how to rock.

The Volatile (1988) era of Lime Spiders post dates the bands early punk roots and the material compiled on the Slave Girl record I reviewed a while back. This came out after the band had broken up and reformed, and it does feel like an older and more mature group, though that’s not necessarily what you’re looking for in your punk rock. Volatile does have some punk elements, but it’s a pretty polished effort and falls way more on the “indie” side of the spectrum, or as we referred to it around then, simply “alt” (in that innocent time before the word “alt” had to be followed by other words, like alt-country, alt-rock, alt-adult contemporary… I’m still waiting for alt-alt; I’ll buy that).

I like Volatile. I mean, I don’t love it, but it’s some decent alternative music. A bit punk, a little bit sleeze. A bit blues-based with good guitar work and catchy riffs. If you saw this kind of band live in a bar you’d tell your buddy, “You know, these guys are pretty good,” and you’d mean it. “Strange Kind of Love” is probably my favorite, though overall it’s a pretty balanced album – everything is good, bordering on very good. Certainly the right kind of album to put on and play all the way through without having to worry about some sucky song coming on and ruining your buzz. “Under My Umbrella” has a hint of that Radio Birdman-like Hawaii Five-Oh sound to it, that cool undercurrent of surf rock that makes your beer taste just a little bit better.



♦ For support of this position see “AC/DC,” “Radio Birdman,” and “Men At Work”
♠ For evidence against this position see “Air Supply” and Joe Dolce
♥ If confused, see “Midnight Oil.” You’ll still be unsure, but they’re interesting.

No, seriously, go look up Joe Dolce’s “Shaddap You Face” on YouTube. Like, right now.


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