“Sex Machine / Dica Dab / Recycle-Rewind” split 10″

This was a random purchase from Tokyo’s Big Love Records. I’ve noted before that I’m a sucker for the 10″ format for reasons that remain a mystery even to me, so unexpectedly finding a Finnish 10″ (actually a 10″ by a Finnish label… turns out only one of the three performers is from Finland) in a record store in Tokyo for something like $5 seemed too good to pass up.

I put this three song record on and then went about the process of getting together a load of laundry. That is until about 10 seconds into Tuomo Ilmari Puranen’s “Dica Dab,” (having inadvertently started the record on side B) which literally stopped me in my tracks in the hallway for about 30 seconds while I absorbed it’s low frills, Casio keyboard sound. Not at all what I was expecting. And I liked it. A lot. Hell, I wasn’t even planning on writing about this thing until I heard that song. And the thing is, it got even better! It turns out I may have seen Puranen perform live once – he’s part of the band K-X-P, and we saw them live at an off-venue show during Iceland Airwaves 2011. Small world!

So… there are three performers on this 10″. The previously mentioned Puranen with his basic, electronic instrumental is followed on side B by Kings Have Long Arms performing “Recycle/Rewind.” Which I swear sounds like it’s being sung by David Bowie. I suspect it’s not, but it could be samples of him… I don’t know. Kings Have Long Arms are from the UK, so a Bowie influence isn’t out of the question at all. This too is a solid electronic number, though with some sampled vocals and is pretty cool.

The real winner here, though, is the cover of James Brown’s “Sex Machine” by The Flying Lizards. Holy hell! Basically this is a purely electro version, with a female vocalist speaking Brown’s parts, and a male voice that comes in from time to time to take the place of Brown’s backing band. The woman’s delivery reminds me a bit of Debby Harry in the rap parts of Blondie’s “Rapture,” though on this song the parts are always spoken. Fantastic!

I didn’t even bother with a picture of this, since it’s in a plain white jacket. There are a couple of copies of this for sale on Discogs right now, including one for about $2.49. If you can find this somewhere for $5 or less, and you like electronic stuff, you HAVE to get it. You can thank me later.


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