MAMMÚT – “Karkari”

MAMMÚT are a five-piece alt-rockish outfit from Iceland that will blow your doors off. An odd composition, with three women (vocals, guitar, bass) and two men (guitar and drums), their sound centers around the vocal force of nature that is Kata, who brings energy and who’s style ranges from singing to shrieking to howling, but almost always at the right time. Karkari originally came out in 2008, and we picked up the CD at Airwaves in 2010 – but I ran across the vinyl on our most recent trip and bought it as well.

The first time we saw the band live was our very first off-venue Airwaves show in 2010 – they played in a big outdoor tent nestled in between two different bars, and they really tore it up. We caught them again a few nights later in a small rock club in a more intense show, and at that point I was sold.

Karkari is that rare album that I think is stronger on side B than side A, as I think it gives us more of Kata’s range as a singer. Regardless of which side you play, though, you’re going to get some energy and some great rock that isn’t mucked up and overproduced – it just gets right down to the core of the matter.

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