Momentum – “Promo CD”

I’m sure some of you get tired of me writing about Icelandic bands. Yeah, well, fine. The fact is that there are some cool bands coming out of Iceland worth checking out, and it’s a great place to visit. So sue me. Or better yet, go to Reykjavik and see for yourself!

So… Holly and I walked into a venue on Saturday night at Airwaves this year to see a band I really like called Dr. Spock. It was about 11PM, and since they weren’t on yet, I strolled over to the merch table to see what wares were being offered. There I met one of the guys from Momentum who showed me some of their stuff. I thanked him, but I didn’t know the band so I took a pass. But as I turned to leave he handed me a copy of their three-song promo CD for free, and a button. I thanked him again and left with my CD and button, figuring they must have just wrapped up their set. But no. Momentum wasn’t going on stage until 2AM… THREE FULL HOURS AWAY. My man was manning the merch booth THREE HOURS before their show. Now if that isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is. That’s someone who believes in his music and wants to get it in people’s hands. And that means it’s worth writing about.

Momentum’s Facebook page describes the band’s style as “surreal/psychedelic metal”. Well, I agree with the metal part. It’s heavy. It’s deep. It’s got those sort of screaming, growled vocals you hear from Scandinavian metal bands. And it’s really good.

Promo CD (for lack of a more apt name…) has three songs: “The Freak is Alive,” “Holding Back,” and “As the Skies Break.” All three are heavy, and at 16+ minutes it’s longer than some 8-10 song punk albums. “The Freak is Alive” is to me a more typical Scandinavian metal song. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, but it’s pretty straight forward. “Holding Back” starts off in a similar fashion, but about half way through there is a break, and the song slows down and becomes much more melodic, with some decent singing. The tempo starts to slowly build as it moves toward it’s conclusion, mixing both singing and growling, before closing out with just a piano… maybe I’m starting to get that surreal feel! “As the Skies Break” is an even further departure (it’s as if the three songs progressed from heaviest to most surreal…) from the other two tracks, though still with the same metal vibe.

If your musical tastes are somewhat broad and you like metal, Momentum is a band that may give you something new and enjoyable. It’s a different take on metal, not just the standard “we do all of our songs like this, except for the one slow song we put on every album.” It feels like the guys in Momentum are trying to explore music, and offering to pick you up in their van and take you with them. So if your thumb has been out for a while, waiting for something new to come by, get in the van and let Momentum take you on a road trip to explore some Icelandic metal.

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